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A tour for employees was organized by our company

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Tangshan Simple Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. spent nearly a million yuan to arrange a tour and sightseeing to Huanshan Mountain, Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou and Shanghai for employees and their family members from March 26th, 2009 to April 26th, 2009 to reward their achievements in the activity of “Work Energetically in the Second Half Year” and encourage them to keep up the good work in future. In the journey, everyone abided by disciplines, behaved politely and carried the team spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance and the spirit of “Struggling, Enterprising and High-spirited” forward. In the journey, all members relaxed their minds, widened their horizons, had good view of mountains and rivers of our country, and fully displayed the favorable spirit of Simple people. This collectivity activity advocates the human-oriented operation concept of Simple and strengthens the belonging sense of employees as well as their sense of honor and pride. Suffering from the global economics crisis, a majority of the domestic enterprises have low benefits, but this tour shows the company’s economic strength and development potential and leaves good memory in every employee’s career.