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The Board Chairman Zhang Yongsheng was invited to attend an academic exchange in America

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  During April 25th to 28th, 2009, invited by Organization Committee of International Coal Preparation Session, the Board Chairman Zhang Yongsheng and other four persons went to Lexington City of Kentucky to attend “Kentucky International Coal Preparation Session and Coal Preparation Equipment Exhibition 2009”. During the session, Zhang exchanged the views with international craft brothers on coal preparation technology, obtained a general idea of the development trends of world advanced coal preparation technology and the application of coal preparation equipments and solidified the friendship with international craft brothers. Later, Zhang and other four persons were invited to visit Burks Coal Preparation Factory of American Tackle Coal Group which was endowed with most advanced coal preparation technology in America and studied and inspected its management and equipments. The Board Chairman Zhang Yongsheng drew good lessons from the exchange to efficiently promote the equipment technology of coal preparation and the product quality.