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A new workshop has been completed and put into use formally

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  In order to solve the problem of production floor shortage, the directorate decided to construct a new workshop and expand the production capacity at the end of 2008. After six months of intensive construction, the new workshop was finished and put into use formally on June 15th, 2009. The new workshop is located in the northwest of the factory. With a building area of 9,013m2, it is a light steel structure, costs nearly 10 million yuan in total and is used as assembly shop mainly. It’s estimated that the new workshop is capable of assembling 150 sets of horizontal centrifuge and 200 sets of vertical centrifuge per year. As the new workshop is put into use, the problem of delayed delivery caused by insufficient production field is solved. Besides, the new workshop also provides favorable conditions for smooth production and rapid response of marketing, guarantees customers’ demand on production period, upgrades the image of the enterprise, and makes the company able to take the first place in the industry.