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A professional training of material management flow was held by Financial Department.

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To adapt the rigorous market and reduce the influence of financial crisis as much as possible, the company drew up a series of measures, such as centralized purchasing of bulk commodity. To make relative personnel grasp the necessity and key operation points of the new management mode as soon as possible, Financial Department took count of financial management and the management system of the company, straightened out the internal management procedures, converted regulations into a series of professional flow and detailed operation methods, and held a professional training of material management flow in the conference room on the 3rd floor on Feb. 21st. The Director of Financial Department, Gu Yingchun, gave a lecture in the training; the Board Chairman Zhang Yongsheng and the Vice General Manager Li Suozhu also participated in. At first, Director Gu Yingchun explained the key points of being accountant and the accountant job, the differences between traditional and modern accountant, and the position and necessity of financial management in corporate management. And then, he emphasized on the key operation points of the complete set of material management flow. The trainees were all interested in the lecture and took notes carefully as listening and after the training, they heatedly discussed relative problems. This training is a good success and lays a foundation for the smooth implementation of our centralized purchasing of materials.