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My company and held in Anyang Machinery Factory recreational activities

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August 12, 2006, Light Industry Machinery Plant in Tangshan organized by trade unions, led by WANG Chun-hua, deputy secretary of the Anyang Machinery Factory Lianyi 16 players and his people, and my employees a one-day table tennis, badminton , basketball friendly. With my light industry machinery plant in Tangshan United players sent 16 people participating, ZHANG Yong-sheng, Chairman, Vice General Manager Liu, Vice General Manager Liu Weidong as the main players take part in the competition. Always in the game "Friendship first, competition second" friendly atmosphere, both members of the courage to struggle and high morale to overcome the discomfort brought about by high-temperature heat, race out of style, a tournament level, but also a morale event , matches applause bravoes constantly, and the atmosphere was very enthusiastic. After fierce competition, and ultimately my company to separately record 3:0,30:24 made table tennis, basketball win the game, badminton game to the visiting team lost 1:4.
China Light Industry Machinery Building Materials Group Discipline Inspection Commission in the long march, the work of party committees Howard, director of guidance to my company and watched the game in recreational activities for the secretary spoke highly of the leadership of my company to support and actively participate to give fully confirmed. He believes that the Group of fraternal friendship among enterprises is to promote the group visits the building of enterprise culture in particular, the enterprises themselves are an important aspect of cultural development, activities to stimulate all the staff of the collective sense of honor, will certainly enhance the cohesive force can not be played a significant role.
China Light Industry Machinery Building Materials Machinery Co., Ltd. Group Shinchi , deputy party secretary of the company came to me to watch the game.