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SCB good-sized punchy classifying crusher


This type crusher is R&D as new generation high-technology classifying crusher by adopting foreign advanced technology and combining with Chinese the situation of a country, which has large capacity 、low height of machine、adjustable granule and low crush rate , including electronic soft start, intelligent measurement system and PLC intelligent lubricate system. The type of equipment is advanced technology, stable run, and can replace imported products. The following 2 specification from SCB0720A to SCB0720B

SCB0720A  technical features
Capacity:             400-500t/h
Feeding size:            ≤600mm
Discharge size:            ≤250mm
the mouth of feeding size : 2145x1600mm
motor type:             Y280M-4
power:                2x90kw
exterior size:         4926X2290X1255mm

SCB0720B technical features
Capacity:              400t/h
Feeding size:            ≤300mm
Discharge size:            80-100mm
the mouth of feeding size:         2080x1410mm
motor type:             Y280S-4
power:                2x75kw
exterior size:         4811X2250X1150mm

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