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Company " 'greet the National Day' union Fitness Month" Events

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In order to further the cultural life of active employees, improve the physical quality of workers, in September 2006 with light machinery trade unions jointly launched the " 'greet the National Day' union Fitness Month" activities. Events include the "Turning the National Day" fun games, basketball game, table tennis competitions.
September 30 afternoon's "welcome National Day" Fun Games, sports colorful, have skipping, fishing, ferrule, entrusted to run the ball, beat a drum, such as the blind, the company employees nearly 500 people attend. One of angling, Ring two items most favored U.S., the number of applicants reached 300. By the staff of well-planned, reasonable arrangement, sports court order, a lively atmosphere, bursts of laughter from time to time came to add a lot of holiday joy. Fun Games held by the staff of a warm welcome.
At the same time, by the staff of Alan organs basketball team, manufacturing plant one of five team basketball team signed up for basketball game, basketball game is the current round robin manner, make full use of spare time to carry out a full swing; have 43 employees enroll in the table tennis competition, will also pave the war in the end of this month.
Company to the "Fitness Month" as an opportunity to put health care for employees, improve employee fitness and health levels, as a long-term task, quickly set off a wave of fitness staff.